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Tuesday- Friday 11:00am-2:00pm 

Soups and Salad

Dressing choices: ginger, berry miso, vinaigrette, and citrus ponzu


Small House Salad 2.95
Spring mix, romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, purple cabbage


Gourmet Salad
Romaine lettuce, spring mix, cucumber, tomatoes, purple cabbage, roasted card and mozzarella cheese
add: salmon 13.95, chicken 12.95, steak 14.95, Crispy Tofu 8.95

miso soup 1.95

dumpling spinach soup 3.95

spinach egg drop soup 3.95

Spicy seafood tofu soup 9.95



Yaki Udon/Soba
Japanese pan-fried noodles with onions, mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, and bean sprouts
Add: chicken 9.95, beef 11.95, shrimp 12.95, tofu 8.95


Ramen 11.95

Chicken broth infused with soy tare, served with wavy noodles topped with pork chasu,
scallions, bok choy, roasted corn, mushrooms, and a soft boiled egg 

Shrimp Tempura Udon/Soba 7.95
Broth made in-house served with your choice of noodles,
2 pieces of shrimp tempura, crab stick, fish cake, scallions, bok choy and nori


*served with Miso Soup or a house salad with ginger dressing*


Bento Box 12.95 

    Served with shrimp & Veggie tempura

    Small salad with ginger dressing

Choice of California roll, spicy tuna, sweet potato roll

    Choice of Beef bulgogi , Chicken bulgogi or Veggie on top of rice


Mini Bowl 7.95
Your choice of chicken, beef or veggies over a bed of rice with teriyaki sauce

Stone pot Bibimbop

Warm rice topped with sautéed vegetables, egg, Arcadian mix
and your choice of Chicken 10.95, beef 12.95, tofu 8.95, or seafood 13.95


Katsudon 9.95

With your choice of panko crusted pork or chicken mixed in with a
combination of egg, scallions, tempura sauce, laid over a bed of rice

Ton Katsu 7.95

With your choice of panko crusted pork or chicken served with white rice

Bulgogi 10.95

Thinly sliced Korean marinated beef or chicken accompanied with broccoli,
onions, mushrooms, carrots and bok choy with a side of rice

Sushi Lunch Special

* Served with Miso Soup or house salad with ginger dressing*


Sushi Lunch 10.95

chef choice 5 pieces of nigiri and a California roll


Sashimi Lunch 11.95

chef choice 5 pieces of Sashimi


Sushi & Sashimi Lunch 19.95

chef choice 4 pieces of nigiri and 4 pieces of sashimi with a tuna roll


Two Roll Combination 8.95

Three Roll Combination 12.95

Choose from the following:

California roll, spicy tuna, spicy salmon, tuna,
salmon, shrimp tempura, Sweet potato, cucumber, avocado

deep fried sweet potato, Asparagus


Cappuccino Truffle 5.95

Cappuccino gelato with a heart of espresso, covered with coffee flavored meringue sprinkles 


Carrot cake 5.95

alternating layers of Crean cheese icing and moist carrot  cake spiced with cinnamon chopped walnuts and

pineapple, all sprinkled with crushed walnuts  

Creme  Brûlée 5.95

a creamy custard present in a traditional ceramic ramekin, topped with fresh berries

*Consumer advisory: Eating raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. Young children, pregnant women, older adults, and those who have certain medical conditions are at greater risk*